Why recycle

Over 15 million non-biodegradable toner and 50 million inkjet cartridges are purchased annually in the UK, yet only 15% of these are recycled. That means over 50 million cartridges are disregarded each year, each one weighing around 4lbs and mainly consisting of plastic and metal. Why is this when the UK general waste stream has been rising in volume over the last 50 years?

Disposing of waste causes serious pollution, for example, landfill sites account for around 25% of UK methane emissions (a powerful greenhouse gas). Waste is an environmental and economic problem, which affects us all, is caused by us all and can be solved by us all.

Recycling is to reclaim a product for further treatment or use. Reducing the amount of raw materials used in producing new items would benefit the environment. For every 1% growth in recycling cartridges within the UK, over 260,000 litres of non-renewable fossil fuel (oil) will be saved, as well as the corresponding reduction of cartridges being dumped on landfill sites across the UK. The success of recycling and waste reduction depends on educating people on the benefits of recycling and finding the easiest way for people to take action in their homes and places of work. Recycling toner and inkjet cartridges is one area where waste can be dramatically reduced with minimum effort.