Tonerman in Partnership with Spicers

Tonerman in Partnership with Spicers image

Tonerman is delighted to announce its partnership with Spicers to supply services within their Brilliant Partner Programme.  Tonerman has developed and operates Cartridge Cashback, an innovative scheme which enables Spicers’ Resellers and End Users to trade unused, obsolete cartridges back up the distribution chain, resulting in ‘tied up’ cash being released in stock that, prior to the scheme, could not be returned.

The Cartridge Cashback service is implemented through a branded website and smart phone App.  Spicers’ Systems Business Development Manager, Julian Church, said: “Many of our Brilliant Partner resellers have customers who change their printers but still have stock of cartridges that were for use in their old printers. Cartridge Cashback gives our reseller and their customer an opportunity to turn this redundant stock into cash".

Tonerman’s Business Development Manager, Mark Willcox, said:  “Spicers is a highly respected major distributor in the wholesale office consumables sector and we are very proud to be Partnering with them to provide a solution which adds value to their Brilliant Partner Programme.”  

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