Cartridge Grades

TonerMan purchases a wide variety of makes and models, whether your cartridge is retail quality and factory sealed, has cosmetic damage to the box, is open or expired, they still have a significant value.

All manufacturers change the packaging style of their products every few years. The most current style of retail quality packaging holds the most value. Our online valuations are based on the information you provide us with, the final payment may be affected should TonerMan determine the grade of the product to be different upon receipt.  All prices given are for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges only; we do not accept remanufactured or compatible cartridges.

We grade all cartridges into 3 separate categories; (A Grade, B Grade and C Grade)

The definition of A Graded Products is as follows:

  • A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in its current original retail style box that is manufactured after 2016*
  • For Inkjet cartridges only: a minimum of 13 months remaining shelf life on the ‘use by’ date. 

*Please note that the majority of toner cartridge boxes show a manufacturing date - this is not to be confused with a ‘use by’ date.  If you are unsure please contact us for clarification.

The definition of B Graded Products is as follows:

  • A brand new unused, unopened item in its current style box which may have minor cosmetic defects (i.e. label damage/writing on the box, impact crush etc.) or that is manufactured before 2016.
  • An unused, unopened item in the manufacturers’ previous style box.
  • For Inkjet cartridges only: less than 13 months remaining shelf life or has exceeded the  ‘use by’ date*

*Inkjet Cartridges ‘Use by’ Date

We can accept inkjet cartridges dating back to June 2016 at the published B grade price.  However, inkjet cartridges dated prior to June 2016 will be either lower in value than grade B or nil value.

The definition of C Graded Products is as follows:

  • An unused item that is in its opened original box. We will not accept cartridges which have had their sealed bags opened.
  • This grade of product may also be in the manufacturers’ previous box style or in a box that has cosmetic defects (i.e. label damage/writing on the box etc).